Alpaca 5.0


  • Verify that Alpaca is installed and configured correctly by running the check tool. This tool is located in the Alpaca root directory.
 -- Alpaca Configuration Check --
* Checking Alpaca License...
    ✓ Successfully loaded license.
* Checking TimesTen configuration...
    ✓ Successfully loaded Times Ten library.
* Checking TimesTen connection to AS...
    ✓ Successfully connected to AS Times Ten.
* Checking Alpaca connection to BroadWorks...
    ✓ Successfully connected to BroadWorks.
* Checking Profile Server access...
    ✓ Successfully accessed Profile Server
 -- Configuration Check Complete --
  • The Alpaca logs are located at <AlpacaRoot>/logs/alpaca.log.
  • Contact ECG Support -